How to Treat Alopecia?

Natural-Hair-Loss-TreatmentsAlopecia is autoimmune disease which causes hair fall in patches unlike baldness this is unique and can occur to anyone of different age groups. Many people fear whether the hair will regrow or not ,in that case you can be assured that hair will re-grow, only thing to keep in mind would be that when you stay positive and happy, your hair will regrow fully. Many do fear all of sudden when they see hair loss occurring in patches, but it is a life altering experience and when hair falls out each day, you will fear at first and gain confidence day by day. The tension and stress level would reduce day by day.

Identifying the problem

There are numerous hair loss problems that occurs with men and women, it must not be mistaken with alopecia. People fear when hair loss occurs in patches, there could be many other reasons for it.  Some people might have hair loss due to hereditary reasons. Their parents would have it from an early stage and now they have it, but the problem with alopecia is different. It is an autoimmune disease, which means the immunity system of a person’s body attacks itself causing the hair to fall. It is good to get the consultation from a physician before getting treated.

How can it be treated?

This can be treated when one takes proper care of his or her hair. There are plenty of hair products in the market to enhance the growth of hair, it is not advisable to purchase all of them and try them every week. Most people do this way, they keep changing their shampoo and soaps often. Many people don’t treat their hair well and use the hot air blowers which causes the hair to break and fall. Not using the right comb or hair brush can also ruin the hair and combing the hair while it is wet can spoil the hair quickly.

Are you eating proper food?

It is advisable by many doctors that one must keep the weight under control. Underweight or overweight can cause hair loss problems, it is good to take proper nutrients in the food. When you take more vitamin A in the food, it might cause hair fall and iron content in the food keeps your hair follicles stay healthy. In women, who take birth control pills have hair loss very quickly. It is advisable not to take any other hair supplements which might cause hair loss and other side effects.

Try homeopathy

Alternate medicine has proved to work well in the recent times, many people who tried homeopathy for hair loss have found better positive results. There is hair growth within 3 months of regular medicine in-take.Ruxolitinib is drug that has been found to treat alopecia well but the dosage differs for different age groups and it should be taken under the supervision of a dermatologist. So get it vanished from your life and stop wearing hats to hide your bald spots.

Alopecia Areata: Symptoms and Treatment

female alopeciaHair loss is a nightmare for many people and losing hair is common these days for youngsters. But when you don’t have the right food, your body gets affected. Hair gets to thin and stops growing, this condition is unpredictable but it has to be treated very early because there are people who have lost hair completely. Let us look at the symptoms and treatment of alopecia areata.

People who have family history of alopecia are affected through this disease, because they have less immunity and problems in their genes. People with thyroid, diabetes are also affected easily. You can see, the round patches of hair loss which are smooth and soft. It can affect anyone of any age group because there is so much unpredictability with this condition. Some lose hair in patches, some lose hair all the hairs in the scalp, and some lose hairs all over the body. The problem varies for different people and has to be treated quickly as early as possible.

There are tough procedures when it comes to treatment. One must take care of himself very well and dress neatly, there are several things to think in terms of diet and eating at proper time. If it is the problem with genes, we can’t expect anything further but what if the reason is we don’t eat proper diets. Many people don’t take proper hair care. Are you using the right shampoo? Are you washing your hair every two days and free from dandruff?  We can’t expect the lustrous hair like the Hollywood stars but hair is an integral part of beauty. Not all bald people are handsome or look great, it depends!

Alopecia areata can treated within 6months, the hair can grow quickly. If you have burning sensation or itching in the scalp, this could be alopecia areata. It starts with one or two hair fall in patches, mostly seen in scalp. It can also affect eyebrow, body hair or beard. What worse can it be when the hair loss affects beard of a guy. Or hair loss in moustache!

Alopecia affects in three types as mentioned already called as alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. How to diagnose the condition? This can be done with blood test to check for thyroid problems or any other autoimmune conditions.

Treatment has to done like using a wig for the hair loss. Wig is easy replacement for hair loss and painless. Ultraviolet light can be passed on the scalp to stop further hair loss, it might cause mutation in rare cases. However full recovery of hair loss is possible, if one follows strict diet and medicines. The medicines are usually drugs recommended by dermatologists, this includes taking constant dose of minoxidil which is the famous drug to treat alopecia areata. Other methods include injecting steroids which can fasten the process of hair growth. Immunotherapy can also help in many cases, it depends on the right treatment from the high qualified doctor. Whatever! , this has to be treated as early as possible.

A Review Of Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Hair LossMany do have hair problems in 20, some have in 30. Alopecia is hair loss caused due to immune deficiency of the body. Most people get alopecia due to their parents and grandparents. It is in their genes, I mean! When someone of your blood relations have alopecia then you might get it also. What worse can it do? As it affects the beauty and self-esteem of a person. You might have seen many bald men not speaking well and shying away. Bald men gets embarrassed easily and lose their cool head. When a man’s ego gets hurt it can takes ages to get it right. The cause is worse for women, because in women the baldness occurs along the line of scalp and some get bald quickly overall. Women getting bald too quick can be the worst and proper treatments have to be made before.

According to doctors, the emotional pain of the patients are more with other factors. Patients who visit dermatologists or any other hair specialists consider the hair loss as a great disgrace. It shouldn’t considered as bad, rather it must be considered as proper aging of human life. There are many factors which can be cause for hair loss. One foremost and important factor for hair loss could be improper hygiene. Many people don’t maintain proper hygiene and bath twice a day. Even if they bath twice a day, they don’t wash their well. It is good to wash your hair daily with cold or warm water. (At least once in two days)

Are we getting the right food? We must blame the pollution and fertilizers for this reason because the food we get is completely spoiled and not suitable. Fruits and vegetables are genetically altered which creates havoc to human health. Iron rich foods can make hair re-grow, the iron rich foods can also improve the blood cells of a person. Are you drink more water? Because water content in our body can cure a hell lot of problems. Many people starve too much without water and stop drinking water during midnight. It shouldn’t be done. Because it can affect the stomach with digestion causing your body to become toxic within few months. Which in turn creates more heat in our body, affecting the hair of a person.

Most people have dandruff, which occurs due to in-efficient cream applying or oil applying to the scalp. When the scalp is overheat, you can’t think better and hair loss eventually happens. Hereditary hair loss or male pattern baldness is different from alopecia because the reason for this condition is unknown. The hair loss in patches is very ugly and others would get to know that it is a disease. One way to stop hair loss is to get treatment at early stage, many people take drugs or inject steroids on their scalp which can help anyone better. One way of better treatment is to consult a homeopath. The German medicine has found to provide better results for anyone and treatment for alopecia upto six months can completely cure alopecia.